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➊ HF-VHF Systems.
➋ Satellite communication systems (VSAT).
➌ Military and government communications.
➍ Positioning system.


➊ Critical Large area Securing and Monitoring systems.
➋ Borders Surveillance & Security.
➌ Anti-UAV Systems.
➍ Jamming Systems.
➎ access Control Systems.
➏ Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
➐ Microwave Technologies.


➊ solar power Mega solutions.
➋ Renewable Energy Solutions for weather control (heating/cooling) for poultry farms.
➌ Solar power irrigation.
➍ Industrial solar power solutions.

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System Integration

Assess , Design, Implement and Maintain

Assess - An Analysis of the current environment to understand strengths and deficiencies of the current environment. Using an industry-standard methodology, a visual diagram may be created, or for an existing site, an audit report run. Emphasis is placed on depicting the environment in a context that clearly depicts the interaction of all components that will be affected by any change.

Design - is planning to help identify components to add or improve functionality, any changes that needed, including alternatives and any mitigation that may be required. The goal is to ensure a clear path between the current and future state.

Implement - We don’t begin Implementation until the design is approved and project planning complete. This modular approach to consulting allows our clients to better manage their projects and provide them with the documentation to continue to the next phase at any time.

Maintain - maintenance is a core part of our business and available as part of a complete service offering or separately.

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